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Press release: Tradition meets Innovation – ALLIGATOR at TIRE COLOGNE

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The sensor and valve specialist impresses with its core competence and presents three new innovative products

Giengen/Cologne, 29 May 2018 – Tradition meets innovation is the motto when ALLIGATOR Ventilgruppe presents at TIRE COLOGNE in Hall 8.1 | Stand E-031. The company from Giengen an der Brenz focuses on its core competence, the development and distribution of mechanical valve solutions for tyres. The trade fair stand covering an area of 62 square metres will showcase a selection of the company’s wide assortment, including: tyre valves, spare parts, accessories for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, earth movers, motorcycles and agricultural machines. Three new products for tyre pressure monitoring will be presented for the first time: ONE, ready2mount and the ALLIGATOR programming and diagnostic tool PT4. In addition to TPMS for passenger cars, the company will also present the tyre management system for commercial vehicles: HD. ‘We look forward to the premiere of TIRE COLOGNE with no less than three new sensor products,’ said Josef Seidl, Managing Director of ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik GmbH. ‘Our customers can also see our established valve assortment, which is concrete proof of our innovative capacity and tradition as a premium manufacturer.’ ONE: one of the world’s smallest sensor

One sensor for all vehicles – the ALLIGATOR programmable tyre pressure sensor has been the ideal complete solution for tyre sellers for the past eight years. With, they have the ability to react professionally and competently to all problems in logistics, stockkeeping and customer service. The universal sensor is now in its second generation: ONE covers almost all vehicle models with an active tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). With its dual-band version, it also communicates on both available frequency bands - 315 and 434 MHz. The result: The four sensor variants used previously are reduced to two - a clamp-in valve and a snap-in version. With a length of 27.6 millimetres, width of 31.2 millimetres and a weight of 7.6 or 9.3 grams, ONE is one of the smallest and lightest TPMS sensors in the world. That makes it even more flexible for use in all types of wheels. But there is more. The ALLIGGATOR sensor and valve specialists have also optimised the connection concept. The ONE now makes assembly possible in a single step. That cuts down on installation time. A shorter programming time and free software updates for the ALLIGATOR programming devices round out the product series. ready2mount: the affordable alternative to OEM sensors

Install, teach, drive off! The ALLIGATOR ready2mount is a newly designed series of tyre pressure management systems offered as an affordable and efficient alternative to OEM sensors for tyre shops and garages. The ready2mount does not require any programming or configuration. The familiar relearn procedure used for all original sensors is all that is necessary. Then the sensor types are an exact match for the vehicle sensors approved by the manufacturer. The valves, which are preassembled, are available in silver and black. There is also a snap-in version available. This ensures that all market requirements are covered. The high-quality aluminium valves, which are produced according to OE specifications in Germany feature an innovative screw coupling concept patented by ALLIGATOR.

PT4 programming and diagnostic tool: the handy, wireless supplement

Good news for all TPMS users: ALLIGATOR will be presenting the PT4 wireless programming and diagnostic tool for the first time at THE TIRE COLOGNE. The PT4 is a handy supplement to the established PT1, which guarantees a smooth service process in the garage. If the PT1 with cable is installed in the office, the garage can work directly on the vehicle with the wireless PT4. The PT4 offers a wide range of functions and can read all TPMS sensors available in the market. The PT4 also programs and/or clones all ALLIGATOR sensors. The device is easy to use: you simply choose from all vehicles by make, model and year with information available in 23 different languages. Purchasers of the new PT4 device receive free updates just-in-time for five years. HD: the tyre management system against flat tires

In parallel to tyre pressure monitoring systems for passenger cars, ALLIGATOR has also developed a tyre management system with automatic tyre pressure and temperature monitoring specifically for fleet management. HD has prevented 546 blowouts in the past twelve months. Its centrepiece is a light tyre sensor that can be installed without tools, thanks to the patented SAS textile belt system developed by ALLIGATOR. The router, which receives and processes the sensor data, can be installed on the vehicle itself or in a stationary location. All measurements and information relating to tyre pressure and temperature are displayed in a platform that can be viewed worldwide by fleet managers and workshops. If the tyre pressure is faulty, HD issues an e-mail alarm. This enables proactive vehicle maintenance and thus reduces tyre wear, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and the risk of flat tires. The ALLIGATOR sensor and valve specialists have optimised the management platform which is now more user-friendly and is programmed with a wider range of functions. For example, the adjustment of limit values for tyre pressure and temperature has been simplified. The tyre pressure values for the relevant sensor identification numbers are also displayed as soon as the mouse activates a displayed sensor. A new feature is the ability to incorporate two spare wheels per vehicle unit.

V2B and DS-P: Check and adjust air pressure without unscrewing the valve cap

Trade fair visitors in Cologne can see the advantages of the V2B and DS-P check valve caps. Both products, which enable the checking and adjustment of air pressure without unscrewing the cap, will be demonstrated on a late-model passenger car. This saves time and money up to 65 per cent and dirty fingers are avoided and the safety of motorists is improved. The V2B check valve cap for commercial vehicles is made of metal and thus exclusively suited for valves made of the same material, whereas the DS-P is made of plastic. Based on its low weight, this valve cap is well-suited for metal, rubber and aluminium valves of passenger cars, transporters, commercial vehicles and bicycles.

CVVEASY: patented tyre valve, toolless assembly

The CVVEASY is available in a wide range of versions for cars, transporters, mobile homes, trailers and light trucks. The product combines the high durability of a metal valve with the secure seal and simple installation of a rubber valve. It is manufactured from a special elastomer that can even withstand brake heat arising during long trips with a fully loaded vehicle. A precisely designed seal contour and highly flexible sealing lip assure the best possible tightness in the rim. In addition, a patented thrust washer always keeps the valve securely in the wheel - even with high operating pressures. For disassembly, the thrust washer of the CVV valve can be separated at the predetermined breaking point and removed easily with pliers or a screwdriver. Therefore, the valve can be pulled through the valve hole without any special tools and the rim is not damaged in the process.

Logo valve caps: a special accent for car enthusiasts

The combination of quality, safety and an outstanding appearance is uncommon in tyre valves. With its logo valve caps, valve specialist ALLIGATOR offers a unique accent for vehicles. The tuning shops of many premium automotive manufacturers offer high-quality valve caps with the ALLIGATOR logo. A special production process guarantees efficient production even in small batches for vehicle customisation, wheel manufacturers or retailers.

Metal valves available in popular colours

With finishes in anthracite, chrome or a variety of colours, ALLIGATOR offers high-quality tyre valves to match the popular rim colours. Of course, all design-oriented valves conform to the safety requirements and standards of original equipment manufacturers. Tradition meets innovation!


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