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Replacement of TPMS service kits is mandatory

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Tyre dealers that ignore this requirement from the manufacturer might be held liable for defects

Giengen, March 2017 - Parts must be replaced with each tyre change, particularly those that are subject to influences of ageing and corrosion. If a sensor-based tyre pressure monitoring system is installed in a wheel, replacement of the relevant parts is a mandatory requirement of the manufacturer and is not optional. The reason for this is the weight of the TPM sensor, which applies pressure on the rubber seal of the valve and causes premature wear. Tyre dealers who fail to replace the rubber seals, union nuts, valve inserts, and sealing caps might be held liable for defects. With the snap-in variant, the entire rubber valve must be replaced.

It is especially important that only the recommended spare parts are used for valve inserts and sealing caps, in particular. Otherwise, contact corrosion can occur and the valve can quickly be rendered useless.

The valve and sensor specialist ALLIGATOR offers the multitude of available service kits in a service kit case. It includes all components required for correct and thorough service of tyres and rims with TPMS. The tyre installation technician can use the appropriate kits based on vehicle make, model, and year.

ALLIGATOR service kits are suitable for all OE sensors of all manufacturers and are available in proven ALLIGATOR original equipment quality. The case includes five service kits for each type, a total of 100 valve inserts and valve caps. An application list with manufacturer-specific information is included. Further information is available for download at

Tips for the replacement of TPM components

TPM screw-in valves are usually made of aluminium. In order to prevent damage, the torques specified by the various manufacturers - usually between four and eight Nm - must be observed.

The valve manufacturer strongly recommends the exclusive use of nickel-plated valve inserts in combination with TPM valves in order to prevent galvanic corrosion. For the same reason, workshops should only use the selected articles from the kits for the replacement of valve seal caps.


Giengen, Juli 2017 – Die ALLIGATOR Ventilgruppe hat mit ihrem RDK-Universalsensor eine lückenlose Abdeckung der aktuellen top 100 Fahrzeuge auf Basis der Neuzulassungsstatistik ...

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RDKS Service Kits-Kofferset

Der Austausch von RDKS Service Kits ist Pflicht
Reifenhändler, welche diese Herstellervorgabe ignorieren, machen sich bei Sachmängeln haftbar..

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Neu ist der Druckbereich bis acht bar. Damit lassen sich künftig auch Fahrzeugmodelle wie SUVs, Transporter und Wohnmobile abdecken.

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