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Press release: Reduce costs and maintenance work with ALLIGATOR

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Clever products for commercial vehicles at NUFAM – dm-arena, stand A 407

Giengen/Karlsruhe, September 2017 – Tyre wear and fuel costs are one of the biggest cost drivers in the commercial vehicle business. Giengen-based ALLIGATOR Ventilgruppe has developed clever products that minimise these cost drivers and will present these products from 28 September to 1 October 2017 at the commercial vehicle trade fair NUFAM. In dm arena, stand A 407, there will be a live demonstration of the HD tyre management system with automated tyre pressure and temperature monitoring for commercial vehicles, the V2B and DS-P valve caps, which enable pressure checking and adjustment without having to be removed, toollessly installed CVVEASY tyre valves for light trucks, caravans, trailers and passenger vehicles, as well as commercial vehicle valve extensions and valves with a special seal concept.

Prevent blowouts with the HD tyre management system HD has prevented 224 blowouts in the last twelve months alone. The tyre management system with automatic tyre pressure and temperature monitoring is especially designed for fleet management. The sensor is the heart of the system. Installation is very easy: The patented SAS textile belt system developed by ALLIGATOR enables toolless installation in minutes – universally in nearly any lorry wheel. The router, which receives and processes the sensor data, can be installed on the vehicle itself or permanently installed at the fleet headquarters. All measurements and information relating to tyre pressure and temperature are displayed in a platform that can be viewed worldwide by fleet managers and workshops. If the tyre pressure is faulty, HD issues an email alarm. In this manner, the system enables proactive maintenance of vehicles based on transparent data. This reduces tyre pressure, fuel consumption CO2 emissions and the risk of blowouts and ensures additional safety.

Upgrades of the HD have been concentrated on the management platform. It is now more user-friendly and has additional functions. For example, the adjustment of limit values for tyre pressure and temperature has been simplified. This is carried out purely with text input and immediate graphic support. With a new function, the user of the software is also shown the current tyre pressure values for the respective sensor identification number as soon as the displayed sensor is activated with the mouse. An additional upgrade also accommodates two spare wheels per vehicle unit.

V2B and DS-P: Check and adjust air pressure without unscrewing the valve cap

In addition to the new HD tyre pressure control system, the family-owned company ALLIGATOR will also be presenting a selection of its established complete assortment of tyre valves and accessories comprising several thousand products at NUFAM. Two highlights are the V2B and DS-P check valve caps. Both enable air pressure checking and adjustment without unscrewing the cap. As a result, time is reduced by up to 65 per cent and costs are reduced, dirty fingers are avoided and thus safety of motorists is improved. Unlike the V2B check valve cap for commercial vehicles, which is made of metal and thus exclusively suited for valves made of the same material, the DS-P is made of plastic. Based on its light weight, it is outstandingly well-suited for metal, rubber and aluminium valves of passenger vehicles, transporters, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

Patented, toollessly installed CVVEASY tyre valve

The CVVEASY tyre valve with patented pressure disc specially developed for light trucks and caravans. Tyre valves in caravans are often subject to "holiday stress" during travel. Transporters travelling from construction site to construction site, for example, are subject to similar stress factors. They must withstand high tyre fill pressures, speeds and temperatures and seal reliable in different rims, depending on the vehicle model. The CVVEASY  tyre valve combines the high durability of a metal valve with the secure seal and simple installation of a rubber valve. It is manufactured with a special elastomer that can even withstand brake heat arising during long trips with a fully loaded vehicle. A precisely designed seal contour and highly flexible sealing lip assure the best possible tightness in the rim. A patented pressure disc always keeps the valve securely in the wheel - even with high operating pressures. For removal of the CVVEASY valve, this pressure disc can be easily disconnected at the predetermined breaking point using pliers or a screwdriver. Therefore, the valve can be pulled through the valve hole without the need for special tools. And the rim is not damaged in the process! In additional to light trucks and caravans, the CVVEASY also provides an outstanding seal for passenger vehicle tyres.

A recent introduction is the CVVEASY TR 412 – the shortest of the four CVVEASY tyre valves – ideal for trailers. It also satisfies the requirement for increased tyre pressures of more than 4.5 bar. It is a brilliant alternative to screw-type valves that are difficult to install in the appropriate length when the valve hole does not offer a sufficient contact surface or difficult geometries on the wheel make the use of an installation tool impossible. In combination with the DS-P valve cap, the CVVEASY TR 412 has a total length of 47 millimetres. As a result, it enables pressure checks and adjustment without unscrewing the valve cap and it is well-suited for small transport vehicles and caravans.

Longer service life of tyre valves with the ASC seal concept

In a conventional valve, the rubber seal is not incorporated in the valve base. The tyre installation technician tightens the valve nut and presses the sealing ring over the valve base in the process. As a result, the rubber seal is exposed to external influences such as ozone and dirt in the tyre.

There is also the added stress of centrifugal force on the seal arising at high speeds. When the tyres rotate quickly, the valve has a tendency to bend outwards. This can lead to damage and excess tension on the seal. With increased ageing, the seal begins to tear earlier.

The ALLIGATOR ASC seal concept is the remedy. The seal ring is seated in the valve base. A narrow upward-facing rubber collar assures a complete seal of the valve hole. The rubber seal is significantly larger and thereby compensates for gaps between the valve and rim. If the tyre installation technician tightens the valve nut appropriately, it will reach a metal stop. Therefore, the valve body is supported on the wheel. As a result, the centrifugal force cannot bend the valve and the seal remains undamaged.

ALLIGATOR offers valves with the patented ASC seal concept for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.


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