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The sensor and valve specialist presents its automotive development and production portfolio for the first time

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The sensor and valve specialist presents its automotive development and production portfolio for the first time

Giengen/Wolfsburg, 16 October 2018 – 'Making cars comfortable' is the ALLIGATOR valve group’s motto for the company's first presentation of its automotive development and production portfolio at a trade fair in Germany: with cooperation partners Kipp Car comfort systems and Schock Metall at the IZB under the motto 'Making cars comfortable' in Hall 6, Stand 6216 from 16 to 18 October 2018. The Hidden Champion* known as a specialist for tyre valves and tyre pressure sensor systems for almost 100 years offers much more with the production locations in Giengen (Germany) and in Nekla (Poland): A variety of production processes, including milling, cleaning surface coating, tempering and nitriding, plastic processing and metal shaping are a part of the company's broadly diversified non-tyre product range. In this connection, the company supports its customers in component design – from the customer's product idea to readiness for series production in batch sizes from 1 to mass production. Renowned customers from the automotive industry have relied on the company for joint development of optimal products according to a requirement profile for over ten years. Tailor-made products are the result: Precision and safety components made of metal, rubber and plastic.

Horizontal integration – breadth of technology

Products for the automotive sector require a wide range of technologies in order to guarantee optimum function. This is based on the diversity of metals and plastics that are used. ALLIGATOR covers production processes, such as 2K component bondings, plastics welding, laser machining and automated testing in order to offer customers the optimal solution and integrate new technologies, if necessary. For more than 20 years, the company has been producing various rubber-metal parts for vibration control technology used in a variety of sectors, like construction and agricultural machinery, also higly interesting for the automotive sector.

Vertical integration – everything from a single source

ALLIGATOR combines the entire value creation chain in-house: from the milling, plastic or elastomer forming and testing to the delivery of the finished product. Assembly and testing of components can range from quality-monitored manual assembly to fully automated production cells. The result is simple, intermeshed processes in which ALLIGATOR assumes responsibility for consistent quality and quick reaction times.

State-of-the-art technologies – for all applications

ALLIGATOR provides time-tested technologies and services that always remain state-of-the-art by means of joint development work with the customer.

  • Milling
    ALLIGATOR machines metals and non-ferrous metals in batch sizes ranging from small series to mass production in annual unit counts of several million components.
  • Cleaning
    In the state-of-the-art cleaning line newly installed in 2016, components are degreased, cleaned and automatically loaded into small load carriers and weighed.
  • Surface coating
    A wide variety of different surface finishes for an extensive range of applications: transparent and tinted anodizing, zinc flake coatings and other lacquer finishes, as well as nickel-plating and galvanising.
  • Hardening and nitriding
    Depending on the planned application, ALLIGATOR components are hardened or nitrided in order to meet requirements.
  • Plastics processing
    ALLIGATOR produces 1- and 2-component technology injection parts and combines those with components made of a variety of different materials, then assembles, adheres and welds them for delivery as an assembly.
  • Metal forming
    ALLIGATOR forms brass valve stem blanks in a multi-stage cold and hot forging processes. The blanks are then machined in special machines and. completed by assembly processes.
  • Vulcanisation
    ALLIGATOR vulcanises different types of rubber with the widest variety of material requirements. In the process, the rubber mixtures are developed in collaboration with partners specifically for the relevant application. The result is tailor-made rubber and rubber-metal composite parts: rubber valves, folding bellows, vibration dampers and seals.
  • Assembly
    From individual part assembly to fully-automated assembly and testing of components by the million, ALLIGATOR produces all batch sizes. Depending on the quantity and project duration, the most cost-effective scenario is developed in collaboration with the customer. Functional testing can be integrated directly into the assembly cycle.
  • Optical control
    Critical components or component sections are checked for dimensions, colour deviations and completeness, if necessary, with optical systems. Up to 170 parts per minute can be checked for five features.
  • Labelling for traceability
    Using a laser, ALLIGATOR labels rubber, plastic and metal components with a unique serial number in order to guarantee comprehensive traceability.

Production costs – optimal price/performance ratio

With optimal production processes adapted to any quantity structure, as well as the advantageous conditions in the production location in Poland, ALLIGATOR offers its customers an optimal price/performance ratio.

Automotive quality – also for industrial applications

The automotive industry places the highest demands on the quality management of its suppliers. ALLIGATOR meets these requirements with respect to project management according to APQP, risk assessment (FMEA), product and process safeguarding and design validation and verification. This also includes the traceability of products by serial number. The management systems are certified according to IATF 16949:2016 (previously according to ISO TS 16949:2009) and ISO 9001, the environmental system according to ISO 14001 and the energy management system according to ISO 50001. This high quality standard benefits all purchasing sectors.

Partner network – 'making cars comfortable' together

For requirements outside of the repertoire of ALLIGATOR, a reliable network of universities of applied sciences, development partners, laboratories and subcontractors is available. They provide special analyses or simulation processes in the development phase, special tools or production processes in order to realise the optimal product for the customer. 'Making cars comfortable': in Hall 6 / Stand 6216A.


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