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Ingenuity, high quality awareness, attention to detail

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The ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik has been operating successfully for over 90 years with the principles of its founder, Richard Steiff

Everyone knows about it from childhood: the ALLIGATOR Express Valve. Since decades it has made for tightness and easy inflation with millions of bicycles in Germany and all over world. The inconspicuous, effective tire accessory goes back to Richard Steiff, a nephew of company founder Margarete Steiff. In 1919, the metal turning shop of the famous family firm had free capacities. The joints and components for the world's first teddy bear with movable arms and legs as well as other innovative toys were manufactured here. But how to make full use of its machines? Richard Steiff had a clever idea: After the war, the demand for bicycles and tires and thus for valves skyrocketed. His resourceful spirit brought a bicycle tyre valve to series maturity, the precursor of today's ALLIGATOR Express Valve. And so this small division of Margarete Steiff GmbH continued growing. In 1920, it becomes organizationally independent as ALLIGATOR Valve Factory and continues to grow: Today the ALLIGATOR Valve Group is the leading specialist in air valves worldwide, with 65 million euros in annual revenue and more than 600 employees. Under the brands: ALLIGATOR, EHA, STOMIL and, the traditional family-owned company offers a complete product range of tire valves, spare parts and accessories to original equipment customers as well as for wholesale trade – everything from one single source.

Proximity to customers andear to the market

Richard Steiff would be proud. His virtues are still the key to success: sighted action, high quality standards, attention to detail are the philosophy lived within ALLIGATOR Valve Group. Another strategic factor for success is its sustainable, value-based activity, which the family-owned company not only demands of themselves but also expects from its partners. With this, and of course, with their clever inventions the valve specialists convince-both nationally and internationally in over 100 countries. Being close to the customer is the motto. On the one hand, this means proximity to the customer. On the other hand, this means having an ear to the market and recognizing the needs of the customers. One million safety components leave the ALLIGATOR factories per day. In addition to standard valves for cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, earth-moving machines and two-wheelers, the line includes: residual pressure valves as a safety component in luxury vehicles and SUVs, components for tire pressure monitoring systems, special valves for environmentally friendly production of tires, venting of molds for tire manufacturing and individual solutions for customers in the fields of medical, alternative energy sources or electrical industry.

Always riding safely on ALLIGATOR

Whether cars, trucks or tractors - the chance of travelling safely and trouble free on the road with ALLIGATOR is very high. The company is aware of its responsibility. Valves are safety parts for which inner values count. For this reason, ALLIGATOR chooses its suppliers and business partners carefully. It pays attention to long-term partnerships and invests in a functioning quality management. In addition, all high volume products are 100 percent fully automatically checked; for the manually crafted small batches random sampling guarantees perfect operation. Need an individual solution? The ALLIGATOR valve specialists look forward to any challenge. The CVV valve ensures safe and easy installation in wheels on trucks, trailers and motorhomes. Fast motorcycles or cars are perfectly equipped with the ASC-HT or the motorcycle angle valves. Should you wish an individual shape or colour you will find ALLIGATOR Color Valves for designer wheels in OEM quality. In the commercial vehicle sector, the Double Seal-Valve Cap V2B convinces. The top seller in the U.S. allows tire pressure to be checked with considerable savings in time and without getting your hands dirty.

Specialist for innovative tire pressure monitoring systems

The name ALLIGATOR has stood for reliable valves and components for tire pressure monitoring systems for more than 20 years. With the company recently introduced a further clever solution to the market – in 2010 in North America, in 2012 in Europe: The complete system offers replacement sensors, programming and diagnostic equipment as well as support functions for tire pressure monitoring systems in cars and facilitates the handling of the mandatory TPMS systems in tire shops.

2015, the developers of ALLIGATOR are presenting an innovation for trucks: HD – an efficient tire management system with automatic tire pressure monitoring system. This innovative product will bring fleet operators and fleet managers, in the truest sense of the word, the yield from the air. HD increases security while reducing expenses and costs. Being web-based, the system makes queries possible anytime and anywhere.

Continuing to grow with innovations

Thanks to their ingenuity, ALLIGATOR Valve Group has grown well over 20 percent over the past three years. This shall remain so in the future. The long-term thinking family business continues to focus on market-oriented, practical solutions for tomorrow and beyond. With products needed by customers all over the world, the key markets are served from Giengen in Germany, but also from the locations in Poland, the U.S., China, Japan and Korea. Goal is to continue to develop, produce and market high-quality safe­ty components and to ensure delivery on time to customers as a reliable and competent partner. And at the same time to ensure that the brand ALLIGATOR remains a household name keeping Richard Steiff 's legacy alive for many more decades.


Giengen, Juli 2017 – Die ALLIGATOR Ventilgruppe hat mit ihrem RDK-Universalsensor eine lückenlose Abdeckung der aktuellen top 100 Fahrzeuge auf Basis der Neuzulassungsstatistik ...

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RDKS Service Kits-Kofferset

Der Austausch von RDKS Service Kits ist Pflicht
Reifenhändler, welche diese Herstellervorgabe ignorieren, machen sich bei Sachmängeln haftbar..

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Neu ist der Druckbereich bis acht bar. Damit lassen sich künftig auch Fahrzeugmodelle wie SUVs, Transporter und Wohnmobile abdecken.

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