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Programming Tool PT1

Web-based Programming Tool

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The® sensors are programmed using a simple, Programming Application which is free of charge. The intuitive application interface guides the user through the programming sequence, reduces user errors and assures the quality of the programmed sensor.

Programming mix.gifThe Programming Application is currently available in 16 languages.

The advantage of the internet connection is that Application Software updates and vehicle coverage updates are automatic, and require no action by the user. In addition, ALLIGATOR® offers an online portal on mouse click which provides the user with detailed help and assistance to all questions related to® and TPMS for free.

Handling of sensor ID numbers

Each OE sensor comes with a unique ID which is used by the vehicle receiver to recognize and communicate with its TPMS sensors. During the programming sequence, it is possible to copy the ID of the “old sensor” to the new® sensor.

The vehicle now recognizes and will accept the new® sensor as the original sensor which allows the Tire Shop to avoid the time consuming relearn procedures.

Innovative software modules like the integrated automatic® ID generator save valuable time during the customer service.


Programming Tool - technical details

PT 1.jpg
ALLIGATOR part no.590922
Radio frequency315 and 434MHz
Indentification colorruggedized green housing
Programming Tool weightabout 200 gramm
Cable lengthUSB, 1,8 meter / 6 feet
Dimensions [mm]
about 105 x 105 x 25

TPMS - Master Tool Kit

Your advantages at a glance:

  • The calibrated torque drivers cover all known tightening torques
  • Correct tightening torques guarantee an ideal valve seal
  • Easy manual adjustment of the needed torque
  • Rapid bit changing through the use of sophisticated technology
  • Quick assembly through single-hand operation
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Part number


What is included in the kit:

  • Calibrated Torque Driver 4.0 - 8.8Nm
  • Calibrated Torque Driver preset to 3.3Nm
  • Torque indicator Torx 10, preset to 1.4Nm
  • Clamp-In Valve Tool
  • Torx Bit, Size 15
  • Torx Bit, Size 20
  • 11mm drive socket
  • 12mm drive socket
  • Adapter
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TPMS - Tool Kit

 Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple and correct mounting of sensor and valve on the rim
  • Prevents loss of air through damaged grommets in the case of clamp-in valves
  • One-man operation - optimised installation with no wasted time
  • High-quality, calibrated torque screwdriver preset to 3.3 Nm/29 inch lbs
    (measurement accuracy +/- 6%)
  • Rapid bit changing through the use of sophisticated technology


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Part number


What is included in the kit:

  • 1/4“ Adapter
  • Torx bit, size 15
  • Torx bit, size 20
  • 11 mm drive socket
  • 12 mm drive socket
  • Clamp-in valve tool
  • Calibrated torque screwdriver, preset to 3.3 Nm/29 inch lbs
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